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Teams: FK Kauno Žalgiris, BC Žalgiris, FC Barcelona

Sports Experience/Moment: Watching Lithuania win 2003 EuroBasket, BC Žalgiris making it to EuroLeague Final Four in 2018 

Sports Movie: Rocky Franchise, The Other Dream Team 

Dream Sports Experience: Watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals Live

Favorite Lithuanian Food: Check out the episode!

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03:21 - History of Lithuania
05:25 - History of Lithuanian Basketball
05:31 - The Other Dream Team
17:39 - Arvydas Sabonis
25:59 - What to expect at a BC Žalgiris Game
32:45 - EuroLeague vs. LKL
40:02 - Popularity of the NBA in Lithuania
44:20 - Visiting Kaunas
46:00 - Vilnius
47:05 - Klaipeda
48:35 - Druskininkai
49:10 - Šaiuliai and the Hill of Crosses
51:14 - Lithuanian Cuisine

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