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Teams: San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors

Sports Experience/Moment: 2018 Midnight Sun Game

Sports Movie: Field of Dreams

Dream Sports Experience: Attend NBA Finals or Final Four

How John got to Alaska?: Check out the episode! (or the video below)

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03:11 - Midnight Sun Game History

05:10 - Alaska Baseball League

07:11 - Alaska Goldpanners Alumni

15:26 - Goldpanners Season Schedule

17:40 - Alaska Pipeline

17:56 - Chena Hot Springs Resort

18:08 - Northern Lights

18:53 - Alyeska Resort

20:41 - Denali National Park

22:05 - HooDoo Brewing Company

22:31 - Chena Pump House

26:25 - Fairbanks Ice Dogs Hockey

27:27 - World Eskimo Indian Olympics

31:05 - Alaska Railroad

36:07 -

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