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Teams: Geelong Cats, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Detroit Lions

Sports Moment: Witnessing Man U's win over Man City at the Etihad in 2019

Sports Movie: Rudy

Sports Experience: Seeing Geelong Cats win 2007 Grand Final 163-44 over Port Adelaide Power, 2016 El Clasico, Witnessing Man U's win over Man City at the Etihad in 2019,

Dream Sports Experience: Super Bowl or World Cup Final

Parma or Parmy?: Check out the episode! (or the video below)

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02:55 - Explanation of Aussie Rules Football

07:30 - History of Aussie Rules Football

12:44 - AFL Season & Playoffs (Finals) Structure

14:09 - "Up There Cazaly"

15:17 - Mason Cox

22:20 - Grand Final Traditions

26:28 - Grand Final Entertainment

30:09 - The Melbourne Cricket Ground

36:25 - AFL Rivalries

38:22 - Grand Final Ticket Prices

45:37 - Queen Victoria Market

45:51 - Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

46:06 - Hosier Lane

46:15 - Great Ocean Road

48:41 - Lygon Street

49:21 - The Arbory

51:34 - Parmy v. Parma

51:15 - Australian Open

53:50 - Melbourne Sports Scene

54:32 - Melbourne Cup

58:41 - AFL Women's

59:15 - AFL Exchange Podcast

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