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Teams: New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Liverpool FC

Sports Moment: Red Sox 2004 World Series, Pats win Super Bowl XXXVI, Pats win Super Bowl LI, Winning Back To Back District Championships as basketball coach at Sabis International Charter School

Sports Movie: Hoosiers

Sports Experience: 2018 Final Four in San Antonio

Dream Sports Experience: Attend a World Cup or Olympics

Favorite Basketball Hall of Famer: Gotta listen to the episode!

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04:45 - Origins of the Sport of Basketball

06:05 - Origins of the Basketball Hall of Fame

10:57 - What to See at the Basketball Hall of Fame

21:55 - Jimmy Goldstein

23:01 - Nav Bahtia

31:17 - Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

34:00 - Sixty Days of Summer

36:35 - The Big E

37:20 - Dr. Seuss Museum

38:28 - Volleyball Hall of Fame

39:20 - Bright Night

43:09 - Red Rose Pizzeria

47:00 - Year of the Yao

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